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Around 76% of smartphones user use the Android operating system. And remaining users use iOS smartphones. In this article we will discuss Best iPhone Launcher For Android.

Most of the users love the android operating system because of customization. Android OS gives you access to customize your phone according to you. But the iPhone does not give you such type of customization options.

Most of the users use Android because it is budget friendly and affordable for all users. Many smartphone user want to buy iPhone but they can’t.

So, Don’t worry when I am with you. In this blog post, we will discuss the Best iPhone Launcher For Android.

So, that your android phone is look like iPhone.

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Top & Best iPhone Launcher For Android-

1. iPhone X Launcher – OS 13 Theme

This is the best Launcher to use in Android which name is iPhone X Launcher – OS 13 Theme. If you have low storage in your Android smartphone so don’t worry this launcher is only of 3.3 Mb.

iPhone X launcher is the best launcher that brings the best features of retinal Launcher and Android Pie to your device, then adds a wealth of colorful, customized, and unique.

iPhone X Launcher is a launcher that combines the advantages of Android and OS11, using a flat design style to make the interface more beautiful.

Updated OS 13 is an Android theme with 3D special effects, 3D weather widget, beautifully themed app icons, and Dreams Fantasy Prince Love Eagle wallpapers.

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2. iLauncher os12 theme for phone x control center


iLauncher os12 theme for phone x control center is also the best and awesome theme to use. It gives you the following features.

  • OS11 style
  • Control Center
  • Touch 3d menu
  • Support hiding App
  • DIY app icon
  • Place app easily
  • Sort app easily
  • Search easily

This app is such a beautiful app. I couldn’t think that I could get a such beautiful app. This is a good application. But I hope in the next update, this application is accompanied by a direct screen lock so that the user’s Android display will be more similar to the iPhone.

3. X Launcher Lite: With OS12 Style Theme & Wallpaper

X launcher

The X Launcher Lite is the small version of X Launcher. If you want to customize your Android phone then this X launcher lute is for you.

This launcher has a 4.5 stars rating and 1 million + downloads on google play store. Which is really awesome. The main feature of the X launcher lite is it is only of 4.2 Mb. So if you have a storage problem and you want to customize your android phone then this X launcher lite is for you.

Some feature of X launcher lite is given below.

  • Control center
  • App manager
  • Various theme
  • Hide app
  • Icon customization
  • Icon badges

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4. Launcher iOS 13

The Launcher iOS 13 makes your android phone like iOS 13. This theme is really awesome. The best part of it is it has 10M + downloads on google play store and 4.3 stars rating which is pretty good.

The app size is only of 6.8 Mb.

This is the best launcher I’ve ever used. Very simple and very straight forward. They got the unlock phone animation exactly like on the iPhone, opening and closing apps, we could change icons, the power consumption is very good too. And my phone has become smoother after using this.

I don’t even know-how, it is also completely free, no in-app purchases. However you could make more improvement, like changing the font, and also, make the swipe down search bar can be canceled by swiping up.

Some features of this launcher is given below –

  • Supported: control center
  • supported: Assistive Touch
  • Change your wallpaper the same as real iOS devices.

5. OS13 Launcher, Control Center, iOS13 Theme


OS13 Launcher, Control Center, iOS13 Theme is personally the best launcher I ever tried. The size of this launcher is 9.0 MB which is greater than the above launcher. But it has some cool features.

The launcher works great. There should be an option to disable the control center. Also, if the launcher implements gesture navigation like fluid navigation gestures, I wouldn’t use any other launcher.

Lets talk about some features of this launcher.

  • Unify icon shape
  • Icon packs
  • 500+ beautiful themes and wallpapers
  • Control center
  • Quick app finder
  • Dark and light mode

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I hope love this article……..!

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