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Best Offline Game In 2020

At this time many people get bored due to Lockdown. So I thought that I have to write an article about the Best Offline Game IN 2020. So that many people install some applications among that and play these games.

Finding the best Offline game is a difficult task for everyone. You try many of the games but you are not satisfied with that. That’s why I write this article for you.

Lets begin with The Best Offline Game In 2020 with High Graphics.

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey
Image source – Google play store

Alto’s Odyssey is the best android game with high graphics. It is really fun to play this game.

Just into the great beyond sits a magnificent desert, tremendous and unexplored.

Join Alto and his companions and set off on an interminable sandboarding excursion to find its privileged insights.

Take off above desolate ridges, cross exciting gullies, and investigate since quite a while ago shrouded sanctuaries in a fantastical spot a long way from home.

In the way, you’ll pound across vines, bob on tourist balloons, ride transcending rock dividers, and getaway insidious lemurs – all while revealing the desert’s numerous secrets.

DownloadAlto’s Odyssey

2. Once Upon a Tower

 Once Upon a Tower
Image source – Google play store

The concept of the Once Upon a Tower is really cool. Just this game for once you will definitely love it.

Many people love this game. Many characters, no adds, amazing graphics, and good storylines, and good concepts. The only thing that can improve this game is by giving different abilities to different Princess characters. Overall amazing game. I still did not lose interest after playing for three months. Still, I am in a way to get all the princess characters.

In this game the princes is fight for her freedom.

DownloadOnce Upon a Tower

3. Smash Hit

Smash Hit
image source – Google play store

The Smash Hit game is testing you. Your skill, reflex, and ability to think on your feet. As far as a mobile game goes of course.

This very fun but I took one star out of it because they have a premium subscription so all the premium users can start from checkpoints and more. This means that people that don’t pay money for games can’t really do that much have a cool experience.

I didn’t spend a penny on this game because of the little but the big things your benefit.

Download – Smash Hit

4. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2
Image source – Google play store

Shadow fight 2 is the best fighting offline game in 2020 with high graphics.

I am so sick of this! I love this game so much.

It is a great experience and I would recommend it. Problem: ads after every battle in act 2. I recently got a 30-second ad, skipped after 5 seconds, then there was a 15 second, unskippable ad right after!

You can watch ads for free stuff in the shop or spend real money, so I don’t get why there’s forced ads.

Problem 2: almost GAME RUINING! The ai will throw stuff at you constantly! Limit to 3 or 4 per round, or put a timer. 10-sec delay to throw again.

Download – Shadow fight 2

5. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures
Image source – Google play store

Rayman Adventures is fun, runs smooth, and looks great. For a free mobile game, it’s terrific. Especially the lack of ads!!!

My only real gripe is the controls are frustratingly unresponsive at times, there are a lot of swipe commands that go unnoticed, I thought maybe I need a bigger swipe, but a bigger swipe means less screen you can see.

The gameplay is very fun though, easily a 5 star with better controls (I know this is a huge challenge on a mobile game).

Download – Rayman Adventures

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