How to send blank messages on WhatsApp

I read lots of articles regarding How to send blank messages on WhatsApp and I saw that all of the articles are outdated.

All the tricks and tips mentioned in the articles are not working.

WhatsApp is that the hottest social media messaging platform across the globe.

The app isn’t alone proverbial for its easy use but it in addition carries degree attractiveness as a one-stop-shop with a variety of attention-grabbing options like cluster chats, varied transmission parts alongside text messages, and far additional.

And whereas there doesn’t appear to be a reason to send blank messages to your friends or contacts, a variety of users are inquisitive if there’s a feature that permits them to try it only for fun.

In this article I will share with you the best tricks and tips regarding How you can send blank messages on WhatsApp.

And yes this is a 100% working method.

So stay with the article and follow all the steps which are mentioned in the article.

First of all, I will show you some applications which you can install on your phone for sending a blank message on WhatsApp.

How to send blank messages on WhatsApp Using Application?

There are lots of app in the google play store for sending blank messages on WhatsApp.

But I found the best one which I want to show you. So, just follow the steps which are given below to send the blank messages on WhatsApp.

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1. Download Blank Message (for WhatsApp) –

How to send blank messages on WhatsApp

In the very first step you have to install the Blank Message (for WhatsApp) by searching on google play store.

Or you can download this app by clicking here.

2. Open the Blank Message (for WhatsApp) –

How to send blank messages on WhatsApp

After the installation of the app you just have to open the app on your mobile phone.

Now, you have to select number of rows of empty message and number of character as well.

After that, the empty message is ready to send. You can directly send empty messages to your WhatsApp contact list or you can copy the empty message and send it where you want.

This app is incredibly tiny in size and takes less area, it’s straightforward to use as a result of its not difficult.

Overall I like to recommend you to use this. Amaze your friends with this trick, ENJOY!! and keep updated here, there’s no reason to send blank or empty messages to anyone.

By default no Instant manager applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram allow you to send blank messages.

How to send blank messages on WhatsApp Without Using Application?

I know that installing any app for just sending empty messages is not worth it. Some have storage issue ,Some people like me dont want to install app for just sending the empty messages.

So then I searched for it and I saw many solutions most of them are not working but I find the website which is really awesome.

Now, for sending blank messages on whatsapp without using app you have to go to this website –

How to send blank messages on WhatsApp

After visiting this website you just have to click on the copy to clipboard button and your empty message is copied.

Now you can send this empty or blank message to anyone whom you want.

Congratulations now you will be able to send blank messages on WhatsApp with the app and without the app as well.

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After reading this article now you will be able to send blank messages on whatsapp using an app or without using an app.

In this article, I mentioned two different methods but according to me, you have to go with the second one. In which you do not want to install any application for just sending empty or blank message.

I hope you will get the solution of How to send blank messages on WhatsApp?

If you have any query then comment below!

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