Zomato buys Uber eats



Uber eats in India sold to rival Zomato in all_stock deal.

Uber has sold its food delivery business Uber Eats to its biggest local rival, Zomato , in India. The New York times reports that the sale comes as Uber attempts to shed its businesses that aren’t making money.

  • Uber announced sale of its food delivery business Uber-Eats in India to Zomato in an all-stock deal.
  • Zomato buys out the Indian operations of UberEats for around 350 million dollars. ET reports that the all stock transactins will give the US-based ride-hailing company about 10% shareholding in Gurgaon based firm.
  • While you were sleeping….Uber Eats sells its India biz to Zomato for $350 million.
  • Deal signed at 3am customers to start movingto Zomato app 12pm on 21 January 2020.

Uber Eats Acquired by Zomato

  • Order from Zomato to get exciting offers from your favorite restaurants. If you have ordered from Uber eats in India since January 21 ,2020 your account is now set up on Zomato.
  • Combined entity of Uber eats and Zomato may covers more than 50-55% of market, pulling it ahead of Swiggy.
  • Daily ordered number in Swiggy is arround 1.4 Million.
  • Daily ordered number in Zomato is arround 1.2 Million.
  • Daily ordered number in Uber eats is arround¬† 400,00 only.

    New offer on Zomato

    • Zomato add the new feature of “On Time or FREE”. To get benefit of these offer you just have to pay 10 Rs extra, If the order is not reach to you with in 38 min the whole order you will get for free.
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